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by M_PNO
19 Jun 2024, 08:25
Forum: Community Stack
Topic: CS and Rasperry Pi
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Re: CS and Rasperry Pi

We just started using the PROFINET Community Stack. Our goal is to port the Community Stack to the Raspberry Pi. As a first step, we tried to build the PROFINET Community Stack on an x86 computer. We encountered the problem that some header files are not available in the Gitlab repository (psi_inc_...
by M_PNO
15 Apr 2024, 11:37
Forum: PROFINET Test & Certification
Topic: Cable type of Manufacturers Declaration
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Re: Cable type of Manufacturers Declaration

How should manufacturers proceed with products not listed in the Manufacturer's Declaration(PN-Manufacturer-Declaration_V50_May21)? Is Type R cable in the Type of Product according to Guideline 25. Additional PROFINET connectors & passive PROFINET network components ? The current Guideline is “...
by M_PNO
27 Mar 2024, 14:48
Forum: PROFINET Implementation
Topic: Available hardware based solutions
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Re: Available hardware based solutions

Lord Nikon wrote: 06 Oct 2023, 11:35 I'm currently working on a Hilscher netX-90 solution as the Profinet platform in our organization.
Any other out there that has worked on this chip?
I am sorry, but it seems that no one here has worked on this chip yet.
by M_PNO
27 Mar 2024, 14:43
Forum: PROFIsafe
Topic: FSCP Test Mode
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Re: FSCP Test Mode

The "FSCP Test Mode" is mentioned several times in the PROFIsafe specification, but it is not defined explicitly. This is true as for now. The FSCP Test Mode is only defined by describing its behavior in certain circumstances. This issue has been noted and will be addressed in a future ve...
by M_PNO
29 Jan 2024, 13:23
Forum: Community Stack
Topic: What exactly is the Profinet Community Stack?
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What exactly is the Profinet Community Stack? The Profinet Community Stack is not a ready-to-use development kit. The idea is to have a high quality protocol engine as a common base in the PI. The target groups are "technology providers" or "experienced" device developers. The n...
by M_PNO
18 Jan 2024, 09:06
Forum: GSD-Checker
Topic: Purchase GSD-Checker software tool
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Mich_P wrote: 18 Jan 2024, 09:05 Is it possible to purchase your GSD-Checker software tool if I am not a member of the Profibus user organization?
How much would this tool cost?
The GSD-Checker is currently only available for members of the PNO/PI.
by M_PNO
15 Dec 2023, 12:25
Forum: PROFINET Test & Certification
Topic: Video for taking the ETS into operation
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Re: Video for taking the ETS into operation

We at the OTH produced a video to help taking the ETS into operation. We hope it will help answering the basic questions, that appear. The video was already added to the download page of the PROFINET Test Bundle: You can also find the video her...