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by ProfiMat
04 Jan 2024, 11:37
Forum: PROFINET Test & Certification
Topic: Certification of PROFINET TYPE R cable
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Re: Certification of PROFINET TYPE R cable

Cable is a passive component, and "Passive components can not be certified." from . But “ PROFINET Cabling and Interconnection Technology ” clearly defines that PROFINET Type R cable needs to pass the mechanical durability test. As a...
by ProfiMat
12 Oct 2023, 15:39
Forum: PROFIdrive
Topic: Profidrive implementation
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mateus845 wrote: 04 Oct 2023, 10:26 Is the source code for the Profidrive profile available ?​
You should ask your Profinet SDK Technology Provider for providing a PROFIdrive sample code. In case of using Profinet ERTEC Chip/PN Driver an example code be downloaded here: ... /109811947
by ProfiMat
12 Oct 2023, 14:43
Forum: Basics
Topic: Hardware-based solution
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What advantages does the hardware-based Profinet solution offer ?​ Well, in general for real-time communication and independent on the real-time protocol, HW support always helps in getting more performance and dealing with higher quantity frameworks (high amount of devices on the network, high dat...
by ProfiMat
12 Oct 2023, 14:32
Forum: Basics
Topic: Tool Calling Interface (TCI)
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Is it necessary to implement the Tool Calling Interface (TCI), or can we continue supporting our customers with our existing tool for device configuration, tuning, diagnostics, etc. ? Hi, TCI is an optional feature, therefore, not mandatory to implement. But it would give usability benefits for the...