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by llindemann
08 Feb 2024, 12:04
Forum: PROFINET Implementation
Topic: Implementation of I&M4
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Re: Implementation of I&M4

Is the implementation of the I&M4 data record optional? The signatures/CRC in I&M4 are usable only for the safety parameterization or also for the complete device parameter set (also non safety parametersets)? Supporting of IuM4 is optional by a device. If a device supports PROFIsafe profil...
by llindemann
06 Nov 2023, 15:43
Forum: PROFINET Test & Certification
Topic: Netload test, X005 does not let see LLDP packets
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Hello. This is my first post. I have some experience with PROFINET testing. I have a problem. We have two X005 SCALANCES, the part number recommended for the Netload test. One of the switches works as expected. But the other does not work as expected. I explain myself: The standard setup for netloa...
by llindemann
19 Oct 2023, 16:05
Forum: PROFINET Implementation
Topic: Port data change notification - line delay mismatch
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We have in field unexpected alarms with different devices. Some devices send in case of using FSU very often after a power cycle an alarm "Port data change notification - line delay mismatch". After few milliseconds the alarm disappers. We see this only by some devices and we think it dif...
by llindemann
13 Oct 2023, 10:15
Forum: PROFIdrive
Topic: Profidrive on both RT and IRT
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olliew wrote: 08 Oct 2023, 08:06 Yes. Some of the application classes require IRT though.
The application classes 1, 2 and 3 (out of the 6) can be realized with RT.
by llindemann
13 Oct 2023, 10:01
Forum: PROFINET Implementation
Topic: Implementing Profinet in the device
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Thank you. One additional question: What are the drawbacks or constraints of using a software-based Profinet solution ?​ You are welcome. Drawbacks are: - no IRT communication is possible - additional switch/PHY is required In general software based solutions do not support some of the features (li...
by llindemann
13 Oct 2023, 09:29
Forum: PROFINET Implementation
Topic: Available hardware based solutions
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What hardware-based Profinet solutions are currently available in the market ?​ There is plenty of hardware supporting the PROFINET, which one fits for you depends on your requirements (desired features, integration needs..). The range spanns from standard ethernet controller up to full fledged FPG...